Get Out and VOTE!

Photo of two women waiting in the rain to vote in Snellville, GA.

If I could get out and vote here in Snellville GA then you can too. It was a chilly morning in the low forties with wind, rain, and lightning. I waited outside for an hour and a half to cast my ballot. Was it worth it? YES. If you don’t vote then you don’t get the privilege to moan and complain about the government for the next four years. That’s a privilege that I couldn’t stand to loose! I hope everyone is having a safe (and hopefully dryer than mine) Election Day. If you’ve not gotten out to your local polling place, GET OUT THERE AND DO IT! If you don’t know where to vote, what hours the polls are open, or what is on your local ballot go directly to: Ballotpedia and then to the poll!

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