Have you met my friend, The Product Photo?


Most people know me for my work with portraits and events. However many of my commercial clients know me for my product photography. This week I’d like to shine a spotlight (or a 750ws head with a 10º grid) on this important service that I offer.

In short – awesome product photography will move product. It’s simple and true. Get a nice shiny image out there and the “oooh look at that factor” will drive customers to want to know more, and hopefully, purchase more of that product. Even if it’s just the standard “Widget Shot on White” having good all around edge, nice dimensional shading, good shadow, retouched welding seams, and tack sharp front to back focus, can make a simple shot, impressive and marketable.

That said I love the more complicated stuff… crystal cubes with 100% reflective surfaces, a craft beer on a dark background with those cool frosty beads of sweat, a toasty amber inner glow….

Why not go grab a frosty beverage and Jump to the portfolio.

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