Special Pet Portrait Event
Sat. Oct 26th

Whether you are getting a portrait of your family with your pet or just trying to capture the unique personality of your special companion, I’ve got an excellent money saving opportunity for you this week – and some tips to get ready.

This Saturday, October 26th I’ll be at the East Cobb PetCo in Marietta (address below) shooting from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. NO SESSION or SITTING FEES!!! And if you are ordering a simple print or digital package my friendly staff will be making your prints or handing you a thumb drive of images on the spot, no waiting weeks or months! You’ll also get a free private custom web gallery of images where you can download facebook friendly sized images and a pre-sized facebook cover image too! If you want additional prints they will also be available through the website.



  • If you have time, fully brush your pet’s fur to remove clumps of shedding hair.
  • Bring your favorite pet fur remover! (Clothes brush, tape roller). While we can take the time to retouch hair on online print orders, prints bought at the event will be produced “as is” fur and all.
  • Bring your own toys. We’ll have attention getters and squeakers to help direct your pet but can not allow your pet to mouth them (to prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria from one pet to another) So please bring a few of your own so we aren’t constantly teasing your pet.
  • Bring your own treats. If you’ve ever trained a pet you know that nothing gets a pet to repeat a desired behavior like a little treat and a positive reward. Many pets have special dietary needs so we will not be providing treats. They help soooo much though so please bring a few treats for your pet.
  • Be prepared to let us know what types of actions and behavior may make your pet nervous so myself or a handler doesn’t accidentally upset your pet. Some pets are skittish around sudden movement or don’t like hands going above their heads. Often if an action makes a pet nervous it’s hard to make them feel comfortable and safe again quickly. A little fore-warning goes a long way.
  • Last of all be prepared to have fun! Pet portraits are beautifully spontaneous. Winks, yawns, and licks will abound. Pouncing, dancing, playing, it’s a great opportunity to professionally preserve memories of your pet.


Saturday October 26th
11am – 6pm
East-Cobb PetCo – Marietta [Google Maps]
1100 Johnson Ferry Rd
Marietta GA 30068


Atlanta Pride 2013

A big thank you to Buck Cooke and Stan Fong for having me out to shoot at this years’ Atlanta Pride Festival. I had an amazing time and hopefully made some good images while I was there. Thanks also to the attendees for making this a record breaking year for donations! If you pulled me aside or yelled “HEY ARE YOU LIKE AN OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER!?” Your pictures are in this gallery. Enjoy.

Performances pictured: A Great Big World, Bonnie McKee, and Taylor Dayne (Thank you for coming to Pride, you were all fabulously entertaining)

All Images are ©2013 Atlanta Pride Committee


Have you met my friend, The Product Photo?

Most people know me for my work with portraits and events. However many of my commercial clients know me for my product photography. This week I’d like to shine a spotlight (or a 750ws head with a 10º grid) on this important service that I offer.

In short – awesome product photography will move product. It’s simple and true. Get a nice shiny image out there and the “oooh look at that factor” will drive customers to want to know more, and hopefully, purchase more of that product. Even if it’s just the standard “Widget Shot on White” having good all around edge, nice dimensional shading, good shadow, retouched welding seams, and tack sharp front to back focus, can make a simple shot, impressive and marketable.

That said I love the more complicated stuff… crystal cubes with 100% reflective surfaces, a craft beer on a dark background with those cool frosty beads of sweat, a toasty amber inner glow….

Why not go grab a frosty beverage and Jump to the portfolio.


Dragon Con 2013

Dragon Con 2013
Yes friends, I live. Low and behold I’m making a blog entry. I know it’s been a few months since last I said – “REALLY I’M GOING TO UPDATE THIS REGULARLY”. I have failed you. lol. But on with the show…

This last weekend was Dragon Con in Atlanta and what a blast. I was only available to go for one day, but what a good time. I love my geeks, freaks, furries, and cos-players! Here’s a loverly assortment of my favorite photos from the parade and my day on Saturday. If I shot you and handed you a card and you don’t appear in this selection, hit me up and I’ll share my photos of you directly. Feel free to share and post these images with your friends.


Photo of two women waiting in the rain to vote in Snellville, GA.

Get Out and VOTE!

If I could get out and vote here in Snellville GA then you can too. It was a chilly morning in the low forties with wind, rain, and lightning. I waited outside for an hour and a half to cast my ballot. Was it worth it? YES. If you don’t vote then you don’t get the privilege to moan and complain about the government for the next four years. That’s a privilege that I couldn’t stand to loose! I hope everyone is having a safe (and hopefully dryer than mine) Election Day. If you’ve not gotten out to your local polling place, GET OUT THERE AND DO IT! If you don’t know where to vote, what hours the polls are open, or what is on your local ballot go directly to: Ballotpedia and then to the poll!

The New and Improved Website

Welcome to the new It’s not a huge visual change but under the hood the site has received some great optimization thanks to the very smart guys over at The Turning Gate. As you can see the site now has a blog! Now I’ll be able to keep you all up to date on workshops, events, and post some tools and tips for your own photography and photo related projects.

I’ve also integrated some facebook and twitter functions (still tweaking those).

Not so visible are new areas for my commercial clients that will allow you to upload and download files from any browser, securely, and without an FTP client. I’ve also added another private sections for commercial clients to review jobs.

Now I’ve been at the computer far too long. This day needs some coffee and a Nikon!